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Here you will find mounting brackets that are used to attach blinds and shades to the inside and or outside of a window frame or door. Most new blinds come with brackets that are suitable that never need any care. We sell these parts because some plastic brackets deteriorate and fail over time and need to be replaced. Some brackets are lost (especially by painters and window replacement contractors) when blinds and shades are removed from the opening.

Here you will find clips that are common parts used in various blinds and shades. First you will find clips that attach decorative valances that cover the head-rails of many window coverings. These valance clips are almost exclusively made of plastic and one of the first parts that break on most blind and shade products. We also have the chain and clips that are used to hold the bottoms of fabric vanes together on vertical blinds. This chain and clip is used to help prevent the vanes from swaying wildly in the wind.

Cord locks are the devices that are used to pinch the cords and strings of a shade in order to hold it in place in either the full or partial open position. In most cases the string is pulled to the side and drawn down to raise a window covering and then pulled in the other direction to lock it in place.

The most common blind repair is replacing a broken string or cord.  We sell all types of strings, cords, ladders and cloth tapes for nearly all blinds and shades.  Restringing a blind or shade is not as complicated as it may seem.  Most of our string comes with general instructions that are specific to your type of blind or shade.  Other parts may be required to complete your repair, so a careful inspection of your window covering is advised.

At the end of every cord you will find a tassel. These blind parts are usually made of plastic, wood or in some cases metal. Tassels are used mainly for decoration, plus it gives you something to grab onto when raising and lowering your blind or shade.

*You should always have just one string come into each tassel unless you have a safety tassel that breaks apart if a child or animal gets caught in them (to prevent injury or death).

Here you will find tilt mechanisms that are commonly used in various types blinds. The tilt mechanism is a geared unit that is used to turn slats or vanes of a blind by way of either a tilt wand or cord. A tilt mechanism is the main work horse of a blind because it is the part that is typically under the most stress and it is also the part that does the most work. They are - in most cases - very easy to replace.

Here you will find new plastic and wood wands used in various horizontal blinds. Wands are the devices that are connected to a geared tilting mechanism that is inside of the head rail that is used to rotate the slats on a blind.

You will also find replacement tips and sleeves and hooks that are used to attach the wands to the blind.


There are many other blind repair parts that you might need to complete your project. Here you will products like, Vane Savers (used to repair the cracked tops of vertical blind slats), RV Day Night Shade Parts, Bottom Rail Parts, Cord Cleats (used to wrap loose cords to keep them out of reach of children) and many more items.

We also sell T-Handles which are used to replace the obtrusive and bulky regular handles found on many windows that interfere with blinds and shades.

Our Static Duster is used to help remove dust from blinds and shades.